Asbestos removal: Sydney and NSW

Asbestos removal is a complex procedure with many legal requirements. Unfortunately, asbestos removal contractors sometimes cut corners. To comply with the law while keeping your premises safe, you need expert, independent project management. As New South Wales’ most trusted asbestos consultancy, Airsafe delivers rigorous end-to-end project management of commercial or residential asbestos removal.

Let Airsafe take control of your asbestos removal: call us on (02) 9555 9034.

Why you need a project manager for asbestos removal

Search for an asbestos removal firm in Sydney and you’ll get hundreds of results, most of them claiming to be ‘the number 1 asbestos removal company in Sydney’.

At Airsafe, we’ve worked with every residential and commercial asbestos removal contractor in NSW, and we know the reliable ones are few and far between. Here are some issues we often come across:

  • Licensing: Although all asbestos removal contractors claim to be licensed, many only hold a Class B license, which restricts them to removal of non-friable asbestos.
  • Overcharging: How much should asbestos removal cost? Without expert knowledge, you could be overcharged by thousands of dollars. We’ve seen it happen.
  • Inadequate testing and monitoring: With fixed project costs, unscrupulous asbestos removal contractors have a built-in incentive to cut corners with testing and air quality monitoring.
  • Illegal disposal: There have been many cases of illegal asbestos dumping in Sydney and NSW. This isn’t just bad for the community – it can have legal consequences for everyone involved.

You can prevent all these issues with effective project management: oversight from a trusted, independent expert to make sure you’re not getting ripped off or setting yourself up for future legal problems.

Most importantly, an expert project manager will ensure your asbestos is removed and disposed of safely, with the least possible disruption.

Why Airsafe for asbestos removal project management

Whether you need commercial or residential asbestos removal, Airsafe is the right choice for project management.

With decades of industry experience, we’ve worked on some of NSW’s largest asbestos removal projects. Whether you’re a government department, a large corporation or a householder, Airsafe are the people you call when you want it done right.

We also get called when a contractor has created a major asbestos problem that needs fixing.

By engaging Airsafe for asbestos removal project management, you’ll get it done right the first time. We offer:

  • a network of trusted asbestos removal partners
  • expert understanding of legal and licensing requirements
  • a full suite of related services including asbestos audits, sample testing, air quality monitoring and clearance inspections
  • our own NATA-accredited laboratory for sample testing.

Most importantly, Airsafe’s project management expertise means you can leave the whole process in our hands, confident that the asbestos will be removed and disposed of legally and safely.

Let Airsafe take control of your asbestos removal: call us on (02) 9555 9034.

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