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4.9 from 479 Google Reviews

Occupational Hygienist Sydney

Keeping your workplace safe and healthy is our highest priority at Airsafe.

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Occupational hygiene services we offer

Occupational Hygiene

In the work place, good occupational hygiene benefits workers and industry alike.


Hazardous chemicals are substances, mixtures and materials that carry potential health and physicochemical risks and dangers.

Clandestine Drug Laboratory Testing & Remediation

Professional clandestine drug laboratory (clan lab) testing, reporting and cleanup.

Confined spaces

Airsafe can make a confined space assessment, help develop standards and advise on appropriate control measures.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are substances, mixtures or articles that, because of their physical, chemical (physicochemical) or acute toxicity properties, present an immediate hazard to people, property or the environment.

Hazard Identification

Health hazard identification is the first step to developing an occupational hygiene program.

Inspector checking hazardous waste barrels

Hazardous and Toxic Waste

In the workplace, modern technology often requires the disposal of hazardous and toxic chemicals, a job that can become potentially dangerous if not carried out correctly.

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Heat Stress

Our occupational hygienist can help you to evaluate the risk of heat stress in you workplace, providing you with tips to reduce the risk to your employees.

Mould Inspection

Mould Testing & Inspections Sydney, NSW

Does your premises have an issue with mould? Airsafe’s trained occupational hygienists can help you identify the source of the issue, then verify that it’s been dealt with properly.

Noise Assessments & Monitoring

Did you know that exposure to hazardous noise at work is a major cause of hearing loss?

Vibration Monitoring

Does your construction site have an issue with vibration? Airsafe’s trained occupational hygienists can help you identify the source of the issue, then verify that it’s been dealt with properly.

The highest standards in technical expertise, customer service and quality assurance.


Why choose Airsafe?

  • NATA accredited

    Airsafe’s asbestos testing lab is accredited for asbestos fibre identification by NATA, the National Association of Testing Authorities.

  • Rapid response

    When hazardous materials are suspected, we understand it's important to get an answer quickly.

  • Cost-effective

    We charge a single, low flat fee per sample tested. It’s the same price per sample whether you’re having one sample tested or 10.

What is occupational hygiene?

Occupational hygiene is generally defined as the art and science dedicated to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, communication and control of environmental stressors in, or arising from, the workplace. It’s particularly concerned with stressors that may result in injury, illness or impairment, or may affect the wellbeing of workers and members of the community.

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Airsafe’s specialist occupational hygienists

Our certified occupational hygienist is experienced in anticipating, recognising, evaluating and controlling workplace and environmental hazards. Expert at meeting your occupational hygiene needs, he has a particular emphasis on chemical, physical and biological hazards. These include airborne contaminants, chemicals, dangerous goods, indoor environment, hazardous waste, heat stress and noise.

Our Sydney-based occupational hygienists can help with issues relating to:

  • Airborne contaminants
  • Chemicals
  • Dangerous goods
  • Indoor environment
  • Hazardous and toxic waste
  • Heat stress and noise
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The benefits of good occupational hygiene

Good occupational hygiene benefits workers and businesses alike. When occupational health and safety standards are met, you can expect:

  • Improved health and life expectancy in your workforce
  • Less staff turnover due to injury and illness
  • Lower social and healthcare costs
  • More staff reaching their full potential
  • More efficient and productive working processes
  • Less risk of life-threatening incidents, including possible legal consequences.

At Airsafe, our occupational hygiene consultants specialise in controlling health risks in practical and cost-effective ways. They assess and resolve practical problems in a wide range of settings, including factories, offices and building sites, throughout Sydney and NSW.

When you work with an Airsafe occupational hygienist, you are guaranteed a thorough assessment of the possible hazards that exist in your workplace, and practical advice and assistance in resolving them.

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Contact us for assistance with identifying hazardous materials, investigating contaminated land, undertaking air quality testing to quantify risks, and developing your risk management plan.

Airsafe always places your health as the highest priority.

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"I have been dealing with Airsafe for approximately 8 years. Their professional approach has never wavered. Airsafe’s quality service, knowledgeable staff, and willingness to go the extra mile make them a leader in their field."

Hugh Urquhart

Cockram Construction

"Airsafe have performed monitoring, analysis and practical solutions for hundreds of our past projects. Airsafe’s in-house sampling and analysis means we always receive our monitoring results in time for the next day’s works."

Jack Snell

OHSEQ Manager, Alkene Contracting Group

"Airsafe have always been helpful, professional, timely and efficient. We have never had the need to look elsewhere. That is the highest endorsement we can give to a service provider."

Joshua Lee

Demolition Plus

"The staff at Airsafe are always easy to deal with, and provide a professional and competitive service. Throughout the asbestos removal industry, Airsafe are seen as one of the preferred suppliers of asbestos assessing services."

James Low

Project Manager, Pure Contracting Pty Ltd

"We have been working with Airsafe for several years and have consistently found them to be very responsive and most professional. A pleasure to deal with and we would recommend them to anyone."

Gareth Collin

Project Manager, Steve-Watt Constructions Pty Ltd