What makes a great asbestos consultant?

asbestos consultant

The most important ingredient in the success of Airsafe is the quality of our asbestos consultants.

So what is it that makes our consultants special?

You might think it's their knowledge of asbestos - and of course that's very important. All our consultants have science degrees and extensive experience conducting asbestos audits, air monitoring during asbestos removal, and asbestos clearance inspections. Our consultants' knowledge, experience and attention to detail mean we get it right the first time. Unlike some of our competitors, our asbestos audits never have to be re-done because of a lack of thoroughness.

So knowledge of asbestos is absolutely crucial to a good asbestos consultant. But there's something even more important: great communication skills.

Communication skills are the key

An Airsafe asbestos consultant has to deal on a daily basis with multiple stakeholders in extremely sensitive situations. 

Imagine a situation where asbestos has been unexpectedly found on a site, bringing a halt to a major renovation project. When our consultant is called in, they'll have to consider the needs of:

  • Building owners who want to get the project finished without expenditure spiralling out of control
  • Unions who need to be reassured their members aren't at risk of contracting asbestos-related diseases
  • Contractors who want to get the job done, get paid, and avoid legal dramas down the track
  • Government and regulatory bodies who want to make sure everything proceeds according to the law

As you can imagine, sometimes the meetings we attend can get pretty heated! And the last thing that's needed is an asbestos consultant who throws their weight around, criticising the way things have been done before they arrived.

Instead, what's needed is someone who's a good negotiator, able to work with everyone to come up with a solution that keeps people safe while minimising disruption to the business. That's the type of person we look for when we engage a new asbestos consultant. People with those qualities aren't easy to find, but we've found it's worth the effort!

If you need an asbestos consultant who's an expert on asbestos and a great problem solver, contact Airsafe on (02) 9555 9034.

And if you think you have what it takes to be an asbestos consultant, get in touch!


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