Our process

At Airsafe, we help businesses at every stage of the asbestos removal process. We carry out the initial survey, monitor air quality during removal, inspect the site prior to work recommencing, and make recommendations on any unexpected finds. We do all this with our trademark rapid response, helpful attitude and unrivalled expertise. Businesses and contractors love working with us.

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Here’s what a typical project looks like:

WorldCorp Pty Ltd is building a new corporate headquarters in Sydney CBD. Before construction can commence, the 1950s office building currently on the site must be demolished.

Because of the age of the building, WorldCorp requires an Asbestos Materials survey under the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011. Unfortunately, the WorldCorp project manager in charge has neglected to include this survey in his project plan. With the CEO already breathing down his neck about delays, he needs the survey done fast.

Fortunately, Airsafe’s super-quick turnaround means we can have an expert on site that day. As part of the survey, Airsafe finds some suspicious material and takes a sample for laboratory testing. This sample does turn out to be asbestos, which will need to be properly removed and disposed of. Airsafe recommends a reliable asbestos removal contractor, and agrees to take on the air quality monitoring during removal.

Airsafe works closely with the asbestos removal contractor to monitor air quality during the demolition process.

Because of Airsafe’s expertise and great working relationship with the contractor, the whole process goes smoothly. The asbestos is safely removed and disposed of, and nobody’s health is put at risk.

Before construction of WorldCorp’s new headquarters can begin, there’s one more step: the property needs to be inspected and certified as free of asbestos. Fortunately, this is another service Airsafe is qualified to provide.

The Airsafe consultant carries out a thorough visual inspections of all work areas. He quickly confirms that all removal works have been completed successfully and that no dust or debris remains.

Airsafe issues a legally recognised clearance certificate, and work recommences. WorldCorp is happy, knowing it has done everything possible to keep its and its contractors’ employees safe, without delaying the project unduly or suffering cost blowouts.