Airsafe policies


AIRSAFE is committed to providing and delivering the customer great service, great support and great marketing to make the management of our customer’s compliance an easy and enjoyable experience.

We are committed to:

  • Meeting legal requirements.
  • Continually improving our IMS.
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of interested parties.

To achieve this we will:

  • Provide our customers with a quality service for the management of their compliance needs.
  • Provide timely and accurate support to our customers.
  • Listen to our customers when developing and enhancing our skillset
  • Provide an environment where staff can grow and learn new skills.

We will measure our progress through:

  • Setting objectives
  • Documenting plans
  • Reviewing performance

We will enable this by:

  • Training our employees
  • Improving AIRSAFE
  • Investing in resources and equipment
  • Investigating new technologies

Environmental management

AIRSAFE has identified environmental management as one of its highest corporate priorities. The organisation has established policies, programmes and practices to reduce risk to the environment and the organisation and conduct business activities in an environmentally sound manner.

AIRSAFE is committed to environmental management and will:

  • Integrate its environmental policies fully into all business activities as a critical element,
  • Comply with all environmental legislation, standards and contract requirements that are applicable to AIRSAFE’s operation,
  • Continually improve its environmental performance and prevention of environment impact and taking into account current best practice, technological advances, current scientific understanding, customer and community needs, educate, train and promote employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner,
  • Complete environmental assessments for aspects and impacts of all new activities that AIRSAFE may undertake, promote, develop and design services, facilities, equipment and work practices that have the least environmental impact, taking into account the efficient use of energy and materials, the sustainable use of renewable resources and the responsible disposal of waste, thereby minimising any serious or irreversible environmental degradation,
  • Promote and encourage the adoption of these principals by suppliers and contractors acting on behalf of the organisation,
  • Develop, implement and maintain emergency preparedness plans,
  • Foster openness and dialogue with both employees and the public, encouraging them to respond with their concerns or improvement ideas within the scope of AIRSAFE’s operations and maintain a set of environmental objectives and targets that are monitored through the management review process to ensure effectiveness.

Health and safety

AIRSAFE is committed to a safe and healthy working environment for everyone using the premises as a place of work or visiting on business.

Management will:

  • Set health and safety objectives and performance criteria for all managers and work areas Annually review health and safety objectives and managers’ performance
  • Encourage accurate and timely reporting and recording of all incidents and injuries
  • Investigate all reported incidents and injuries to identify all contributing factors and, where appropriate, formulate plans for corrective action
  • Actively encourage the early reporting of any pain or discomfort
  • Provide treatment and rehabilitation plans that ensure a safe, early and durable return to work
  • Identify all existing and new hazards and take all practicable steps to eliminate or minimise the exposure to any hazards
  • Ensure that all employees are made aware of the hazards in their work areas and are adequately trained so they can carry out their duties in a safe manner
  • Encourage employee consultation and participation in all health and safety matters
  • Enable employees to elect health and safety representatives
  • Ensure that all contractors and subcontractors are actively managing health and safety for themselves and their employees
  • Promote a system of continuous improvement, including annual reviews of policies and procedures
  • Meet legal obligations as specified in the legislation, codes of practice and any relevant standards or guidelines.

Management is accountable to the employer for the health and safety of employees working under their direction.

Each employee is expected to help maintain a safe and healthy workplace through:

  • Share in the commitment to health and safety.
  • Following all safe work procedures, rules and instructions
  • Properly using all safety equipment and clothing provided
  • Reporting early any pain or discomfort
  • Taking an active role in AIRSAFE’s treatment and rehabilitation plan, for their ‘early and durable return to work’
  • Reporting all incidents, injuries and hazards to the appropriate person.

Management is responsible for implementing, monitoring, reviewing and planning health and safety policies, systems and practices.