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home renovators asbestos awareness

Home renovators: The third wave of asbestos victims?

29th November 2012

Popular TV home renovation shows may be contributing to a spike in asbestos-related disease, especially among women.

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asbestos awareness week

Asbestos Awareness Week: 26-30 November 2012

22nd November 2012

Asbestos Awareness Week happens in the last week of November every year. This year, the focus is on the risks of asbestos to home renovators.

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child with lead paint

Lead in paint: Are Australian children at risk?

16th November 2012

Recent research shows 100,000 Australian children may be at risk from exposure to lead in paint, even at levels currently deemed acceptable.

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bernie banton

Why asbestos safety is important: The Bernie Banton story

9th November 2012

Sometimes, it's good to be reminded why we care so much about asbestos. The story of asbestos safety campaigner Bernie Banton is one such reminder.

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asbestos in meter board

Asbestos in meter boxes: What you should know

2nd November 2012

The risks of asbestos in electrical meter boxes have been in the news recently. Around 2 million homes are affected, so you need to take precautions.

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bill shorten

National Strategic Plan for Asbestos: Could it lead to dangerous practices?

26th October 2012

A National Strategic Plan for asbestos is a great move. However, if asbestos removal works increase, there must be safeguards to ensure corners aren't cut.

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How much does asbestos removal cost

How much does asbestos removal cost?

12th October 2012

It's difficult to generalise about the cost of asbestos removal. But there are a couple of things you shouldn't do without, even if they increase the cost.

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asbestos testing laboratory

How to test for asbestos

18th September 2012

Laboratory testing is the only way to tell if something is asbestos. All you need to do is get a sample to a NATA accredited laboratory like Airsafe's.

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New Work, Health and Safety legislation: Find out what it means for you

23rd May 2012

Recent Work, Health and Safety legislation in ACT, NSW, NT and Qld might chance your business's legal obligations around asbestos. We give you the details.

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