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4.9 from 479 Google Reviews

Asbestos testing, inspection & removal – Northern Beaches, NSW

Airsafe is Sydney’s most experienced asbestos consultancy. We offer NATA accredited asbestos testing and inspection services to businesses and residents throughout the Northern Beaches. We have great working relationships with the area’s best asbestos removal contractors, and can recommend someone reliable who won’t cut corners.

Asbestos in the Northern Beaches

Living in the Northern Beaches, far from the “fibro belt” of Western Sydney, you may think you’re a long way from the heart of asbestos country.

But think again. Asbestos doesn’t discriminate. Not only is fibro a common building material in the Northern Beaches (especially near the beach itself); asbestos can be found in many other places throughout older houses and commercial buildings. Some of the most common places to find asbestos include:

  • roofs
  • sheds
  • cement pipes
  • electrical meter boxes
  • vinyl floor tiles and lino
  • carpet underlay
  • heaters and stoves

Whether you’re in Manly, Dee Why or Palm Beach, or anywhere in between, you need to be aware of asbestos.

Asbestos surveys for Northern Beaches commercial properties

If you search the internet for asbestos surveys in the Northern Beaches, you may come across advertising for low-priced commercial asbestos surveys. In the long run, these surveys often represent poor value. Airsafe is often engaged to re-survey buildings when previous surveys have been declared inadequate by council, SafeWork or unions.

So why is Airsafe different? First, our inspectors are asbestos experts. We’ve been working with asbestos for over 20 years, and all our staff really know their stuff. Airsafe’s asbestos and hazardous material survey reports are regarded throughout the industry as rigorous and trustworthy.

Second, Airsafe has its own laboratory, accredited by NATA for asbestos testing. We don’t cut corners by trying to test as few samples as possible.

Get a quick quote for an asbestos survey for a commercial building in the Northern Beaches.

Asbestos inspections for Northern Beaches households

Airsafe also offers asbestos inspections for residential buildings in the Northern Beaches

If you’re planning to renovate your home, your council may require an asbestos inspection before approving your renovation plans. Unfortunately, Airsafe often sees asbestos inspection reports from other firms knocked back by council because the inspector didn’t do a good enough job. To save possible complications later on, take advantage of Airsafe’s many years of experience. Ensure your asbestos inspection is done right the first time.

What if council doesn’t request an asbestos inspection? If you’re planning any kind of renovation that involves ripping things up, tearing things down, or even drilling holes, we’d encourage you to get an asbestos inspection done anyway, if only for your own peace of mind. Experts fear a new wave of asbestos victims among home renovators. Don’t risk putting yourself or a family member in danger.

Book an asbestos inspection for a residential building in the Northern Beaches.

Asbestos testing – Northern Beaches

If you think you may have found asbestos, you can quickly and easily get a sample tested by Airsafe at a very reasonable price. Our NATA accredited laboratory uses the latest scientific techniques to give you a reliable answer, fast.

How to collect a sample for asbestos testing.

Note: We realise it may be difficult to transport a sample from the Northern Beaches to our Beaconsfield laboratory. Please contact us on 1300 888 338 to make alternative arrangements if necessary. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you over the phone whether a sample is or isn’t asbestos.

Asbestos removal – Northern Beaches

If you have asbestos that needs removal, it’s crucial for your safety and peace of mind to get a reputable asbestos removal contractor who won’t cut corners.

Airsafe has been working with asbestos for over 20 years. Over the years,, we’ve worked with pretty much every asbestos removal contractor in NSW. We know the contractors who take the proper precautions, and we know the ones to avoid. Call us on (02) 9555 9034 and we’ll be happy to recommend a reliable asbestos removal contractor who services the Northern Beaches.

To keep your staff, contractors and the general public safe, It’s important to have air monitoring in place during asbestos removal, or following any accidental exposure to asbestos. Even a non-friable from of asbestos (like fibro), can become friable once it’s damaged or broken. When that happens, air monitoring becomes a legal requirement. Instead of taking the risk, it’s better to have air monitoring in place from the beginning. The additional cost is small.

The law states that you must also have an asbestos clearance inspection and report completed at the end of asbestos removal or clean-up works.

Call Airsafe on (02) 9555 9034 to organise air monitoring or a clearance inspection. We can also take charge of your entire asbestos abatement process, managing outside contractors and making sure all legal obligations are met.

Asbestos emergencies in the Northern Beaches

Have you found something that you think might be asbestos?

Don’t worry – wherever you are in the Northern Beaches, Airsafe can have an asbestos consultant out to you within a couple of hours.

Our consultant will assess the situation, advise you about the best course of action, collect samples to be tested if necessary, and place air monitoring equipment to ensure workers are safe and the immediate environment is clear of airborne asbestos.

Just call Airsafe on 1300 888 338 for rapid response in an emergency.

Council requirements on asbestos – Northern Beaches councils

See information and requirements regarding asbestos from councils in the Northern Beaches:

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