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asbestos contaminated power station

Asbestos awareness: Businesses have no excuse

6th September 2013

A recent court case in South Australia sends a strong message to employers: there's no excuse for failing to take action about asbestos-related risks to your employees.

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asbestos awareness house

Asbestos awareness made tangible with "Betty"

29th August 2013

The Asbestos Diseases Research Institute have come up with a novel way to raise awareness of asbestos. They've taking a mobile house on the road.

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lead in ceiling dust

Lead in ceilings: What are the dangers, and what should you do?

23rd August 2013

If you live in an older house, chances are that over the decades, dust containing lead has accumulated in your ceiling cavity.

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asbestos and NBN construction work

Businesses face more legal issues around asbestos

16th August 2013

The past few days have seen several stories about legal action involving asbestos. These stories emphasise how unpredictable asbestos exposure can be.

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asbestos inspections

Doing an asbestos inspection is not like mowing a lawn!

7th August 2013

Even well-known franchising operations are now offering household asbestos inspection services. But are they qualified? Do they offer value for money?

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asbestos roof shingles<p>We recently dealt with a householder who nearly paid&nbsp;<b>$20,000 too much</b> for asbestos removal.</p><p>Here's the story. A Sydney homeowner — we'll call him Jack (not his real name) — had found some old asbestos shingles in his roof while renovating. Although this type of shingle is <a href="/news/your-slate-roof-really-asbestos">easily mistaken for slate</a>, Jack was savvy enough to realise that he was dealing with asbestos and would have to get it removed.</p><p>So far, so

Don't look for an asbestos removalist on Google (it could cost you thousands)

2nd August 2013

We recently dealt with a householder who nearly paid $20,000 too much for asbestos removal. Find out how not to make the same mistake.

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licensed asbestos assessor

Airsafe has Licensed Asbestos Assessors

19th July 2013

Airsafe has Licensed Asbestos Assessors available. From 1 July 2013, Licensed Asbestos Assessors are required for friable asbestos removal works in NSW.

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asbestos factory

James Hardie still facing new asbestos victims

4th July 2013

We've been hearing warnings about a potential third wave of asbestos victims among home renovators. But in the meantime, the second wave is still claiming lives.

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dumped asbestos

NSW getting tough on asbestos dumpers?

28th June 2013

It's looking like the patience of NSW authorities with illegal asbestos dumpers is wearing thin. Repeat offenders could be spending two years in jail.

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asbestos exposure danger

National Asbestos Exposure Register launched

21st June 2013

Amid the publicity about asbestos and the NBN, you may have missed another piece of news: the launch of a National Asbestos Exposure Register.

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