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licensed asbestos assessor

Airsafe has Licensed Asbestos Assessors

19th July 2013

Airsafe has Licensed Asbestos Assessors available. From 1 July 2013, Licensed Asbestos Assessors are required for friable asbestos removal works in NSW.

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asbestos factory

James Hardie still facing new asbestos victims

4th July 2013

We've been hearing warnings about a potential third wave of asbestos victims among home renovators. But in the meantime, the second wave is still claiming lives.

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dumped asbestos

NSW getting tough on asbestos dumpers?

28th June 2013

It's looking like the patience of NSW authorities with illegal asbestos dumpers is wearing thin. Repeat offenders could be spending two years in jail.

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asbestos exposure danger

National Asbestos Exposure Register launched

21st June 2013

Amid the publicity about asbestos and the NBN, you may have missed another piece of news: the launch of a National Asbestos Exposure Register.

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National Broadband Network asbestos hazards

Asbestos and the NBN: The saga continues

14th June 2013

Since we last wrote about asbestos and the National Broadband Network, it has exploded into a major political scandal.

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asbestos in construction industry

Construction expert calls for more asbestos awareness

5th June 2013

A leading figure in the construction industry has called for better asbestos awareness among junior members of her industry, and among home renovators.

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asbestos in bathroom

Family exposed to asbestos by dodgy bathroom builders

28th May 2013

A recent case in Canberra drives home the need for homeowners to take precautions around possible asbestos when renovating their houses.

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asbestos around australia

Asbestos news from outside NSW

21st May 2013

At Airsafe, we mainly work in New South Wales. However, we do like to keep an eye on what's going on with asbestos in other states.

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asbestos and the nbn

Asbestos and the National Broadband Network

13th May 2013

Asbestos is in the news again, with a union raising concerns about asbestos safety around the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

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asbestos disposal

Asbestos eradication will face challenges

2nd May 2013

Complex issues with the management of asbestos stand in the way of an easy solution to Australia's asbestos problems.

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