Asbestos test kits

Looking for a DIY asbestos test kit?

By John Bouwman

If you've heard of "asbestos testing kits" being sold at hardware stores, you may have got the impression that asbestos testing is something you can do yourself.

This is not the case. The only way to test for asbestos is in a scientific laboratory, using specialised techniques like Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM) and Dispersion Staining (DS).

Get a sample tested for asbestos in a NATA accredited laboratory »

So-called "asbestos test kits" just contain some basic equipment for collecting an asbestos sample, and a certificate to have that sample tested in a laboratory. They're nothing magical, they don't let you test for asbestos yourself, and some hardware stores have even stopped carrying them.

Fortunately, there's a simple, time-saving alternative to asbestos test kits. Why not just buy the equipment you need yourself, then deliver your sample to the NATA accredited asbestos testing laboratory at Airsafe? All the equipment is readily available: a P2 disposable dust mask (available at your local hardware store), a couple of click lock bags (available at your supermarket), and hand tools for handling the sample (available in your garden shed). No specialised asbestos testing kit required!

If you need a quick answer, Airsafe can get a result back faster than anybody else in Australia. If you're really in a hurry and you're in the Sydney metropolitan area, we can even send someone around to pick up a sample to take back to our NATA Accredited Laboratory.

And remember, Airsafe is not just a testing laboratory. If your sample is found to be asbestos, we can advise on treatment options, recommend an excellent removal contractor, and provide a legally compljiant asbestos clearance certificate following removal. If you have an asbestos problem, Airsafe is here to help you until it's fixed. 

Of course, whether or not you use our ongoing services is up to you - we don't use asbestos testing as bait for our other services.

Find out how to collect a sample for testing by Airsafe »

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