Dust monitoring

Need dust monitoring during contruction works? Airsafe offers reliable monitoring using state-of-the-art equipment. As one of NSW's most trusted occupational hygiene consultancies, we have dust monitoring consultants available at short notice, so you can get on with the job and keep your workers safe.

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Do I need dust monitoring?

Dust monitoring is useful during construction activities that are likely to generate dust, including site preparation and ground level construction works. You may also need to monitor wheel-generated dust from construction vehicles and equipment, or wind-generated dust from exposed surfaces.

Dust monitoring may be carried out:

  • to ensure construction activities don't generate excessive dust
  • to ensure any agreed mitigation measures are being applied and are effective
  • to alert you to increased dust emissions
  • to provide a body of evidence in the event of complaints
  • to help to attribute dust to specific activities so you can take appropriate action

How does Airsafe carry out dust monitoring?

Airsafe uses The DustTrak™ II Aerosol Monitor 8530, a desktop battery-operated, data-logging, light-scattering laser photometer that gives real-time aerosol mass readings.

The DustTrak II uses a sheath air system that isolates the aerosol in the optics chamber to keep the optics clean for improved reliability and low maintenance. It is suitable for every environment from clean offices to harsh industrial workplaces, construction and environmental sites, and other outdoor applications. It measures a large range of aerosol contaminants including dust, smoke, fumes, and mists.

Call us on (02) 9555 9034 to get a dust monitoring consultant on site quickly.