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If you live in Sydney, you’ll already know that mulch containing asbestos has been found in locations across the city, including parks, schools and train stations.

These discoveries and the resulting EPA investigation have caused a huge increase in demand for Airsafe’s asbestos services. If you’re intending to engage Airsafe in the foreseeable future for something asbestos-related – for example, conducting an asbestos audit or updating an asbestos register – you should contact us immediately to avoid lengthy delays. 

Asbestos found in mulch at sites across Sydney

The current emergency began in early January 2024, when asbestos was discovered in a playground in the Rozelle parklands. Since than, asbestos has been found in mulch at more than 30 locations, with hundreds more potential locations under investigation.

The asbestos discovered so far is contained in mulch supplied by manufacturer Greenlife Resource Recovery, although the company insists its testing procedures are adequate.

Two children swinging on a tyre swing in a playground.

Bonded asbestos in mulch: less risky?

You may have read that most of the asbestos found in Greenlife mulch has been bonded asbestos – that is, asbestos that is mixed with another material and less likely to be airborne.

It’s true that bonded asbestos poses less immediate risk than friable asbestos like that found in Harmony Park in Surry Hills. But that’s not a reason for complacency: bonded asbestos can become friable when it’s broken up, which can happen over time with normal weathering. So it’s important that wherever asbestos is found, action is taken now to avoid risks in the future.

Airsafe can help – but don’t delay

WIth our nationally renowned and accredited expertise in asbestos and hazardous materials, it’s no surprise that Airsafe’s asbestos consultancy and testing services have been in extremely high demand as this crisis has escalated.

If you’re planning to engage Airsafe for any asbestos-related service in the near future, you should contact us immediately to avoid a possible long wait.

Airsafe is dedicated to timely service, but at the same time, we don’t cut corners. Our asbestos services are provided by Licensed Asbestos Assessors, and we never use inexperienced temporary staff to meet spikes in demand. To avoid delays, call us today on 1300 888 338 or fill in the enquiry form on this page. 

Airsafe offers a full suite of asbestos consultancy and testing services including: