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Asbestos Inspection from Derrick Coetzee

Asbestos Inspection

6th December 2013

Everyone these days knows that asbestos is a potentially harmful material that was used extensively in buildings and mechanical equipment in the past, but is now banned. What can we do about all of the asbestos in our existing buildings? We can begin by being aware of it. If the asbestos in your building is identified and documented and you know where to find it, then you can manage it without fear and with a minimum of risk. The process begins with an asbestos inspection.

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Asbestos Fibres

Asbestos Air Testing, Sydney-Wide

5th December 2013

One of our most popular services at Airsafe is on-site air testing. It’s the most direct way to make sure that there are no harmful airborne asbestos fibres, whether you’ve just discovered asbestos, you’ve encapsulated it or you’re having it removed.

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