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asbestos removal

Asbestos substitute materials building a safer future

21st April 2015

While asbestos has long been banned in Australia, it continues to be used in products manufactured overseas, despite the availability of safe alternatives.

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Asbestos found in Made in China products

8th April 2015

The Federal Government has conceded that it is unable to guarantee that Chinese imports are free of asbestos.

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Asbestos found in Vanuata hospital after Cyclone Pam

25th March 2015

The devastating recent cyclone not only destroyed buildings in Port Vila, it also caused a major cleanup problem with asbestos.

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photo of tape across fence warning about asbestos dust hazard

What real estate agents should know about asbestos

2nd March 2015

Asbestos awareness groups work hard to educate homeowners, but less has been done to educate real estate agents about asbestos.

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Vermiculite insulation contaminated with asbestos?

10th February 2015

Thousands of Australians may have been exposed to an American insulation product at the centre of one of the world’s most costly asbestos scandals.

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print advertisement for james hardie

James Hardie seeks instalment plan for Australian asbestos victims

2nd February 2015

James Hardie’s proposal to pay its compensation fund in instalments has been been with outrage by asbestos disease advocacy groups.

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photo of asbestos home ruined by natural disaster

Asbestos and natural disasters: what you need to know

27th January 2015

With so many Australian homes containing asbestos, the risk of particles becoming airborne during natural disasters is one that many are unaware of.

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asbestos danger

Accounting for asbestos

9th January 2015

Learn about how to get reliable asbestos testing without unexpected costs.

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asbestos disposal

Household Asbestos Disposal Scheme on trial until July 2015

18th December 2014

Some NSW councils are trialling a scheme which makes it cheaper for householders to dispose of asbestos legally.

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asbestos wicking

7 products you won't believe were made with asbestos

3rd December 2014

Before its dangers were widely known, asbestos found its way into Christmas decorations, jewellery, and even clothing.

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