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asbestos in old lino

Asbestos in lino and carpet: Test before you rip!

8th March 2013

Many Australian homes contain asbestos in a place you might not expect: right under your feet. Find out about the risks of asbestos in lino and carpet.

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lead paint

Home lead testing kits: Do they work?

1st March 2013

If you're concerned about lead in your home, you may be tempted to try a home lead testing kit. But studies show results from these kits are unreliable.

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asbestos professional indemnity insurance policy

Asbestos and insurance: How to protect yourself

22nd February 2013

The relationship between asbestos and insurance is complicated. Find out how to protect yourself from possible liability as an employer.

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friable asbestos

What is friable asbestos?

6th February 2013

What is friable asbestos? We explain the difference between friable and non-friable asbestos, and how non-friable asbestos can become friable.

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asbestos clearance inspection

Asbestos inspections and clearance certificates are now compulsory

1st February 2013

From January 1 2013, all licensed asbestos removal works in NSW must have a clearance inspection, with a clearance certificate issued.

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asbestos management plan

Asbestos registers and asbestos management plans: What are they, what's the difference, and do I need them?

25th January 2013

We answer your questions about asbestos registers and management plans, as required under the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.

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fibro house

Fibro and Asbestos: Your questions answered

17th January 2013

What is fibro? What types of fibro are there? Does all fibro contain asbestos? Read answers to these questions and more.

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lead and violent crime

Lead and violent crime: Is there a link?

11th January 2013

According to a recent article, there may be a link between lead exposure and levels of violent crime.

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summer holiday

Business quiet in January? Get your asbestos register up to date!

2nd January 2013

With so much of the workforce away on holiday, for those of us left in the office it can be a good time to follow up on tasks like an asbestos register.

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New Year's Renovations? Be careful of asbestos!

27th December 2012

Planning home renovations in the New Year? Before you start drilling holes or knocking down walls, have you thought about the risks of asbestos?

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