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asbestos australia new zealand

Asbestos news from Australia and New Zealand

7th July 2014

A quick roundup of asbestos news from outside NSW. Airsafe's NATA accredited laboratory tests samples from anywhere in Australia.

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warrah property

Airsafe supports Bathroom Blitz for disability services provider

24th June 2014

Airsafe offered our asbestos expertise free of charge to support a project building 17 new bathrooms for a Sydney disability services provider.

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asbestos removal control plan

Asbestos removal control plans: Do your due diligence

10th June 2014

When you're having asbestos removed, get Airsafe to do a detailed review of the documentation, to make sure everything is legally in order.

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asbestos removal in progress

Can the asbestos industry get its act together?

26th May 2014

If a royal commission was held into the asbestos industry, what would it find?

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emergency department

Australian hospitals "riddled with asbestos"

20th May 2014

Health unions and lawyers are warning that many hospitals across the country are riddled with asbestos, posing a danger to staff and the general public.

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asbestos hygienist sydney

Asbestos hygienist: What's that?

14th May 2014

What is an “asbestos hygienist”? Is it something different from an asbestos inspector, asbestos assessor, or asbestos consultant?

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waste classification

Waste classification: what, why and how

13th September 2013

Find out about why waste classification is important, and the meaning of different waste classifications, including virgin excavated natural material (VENM).

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asbestos contaminated power station

Asbestos awareness: Businesses have no excuse

6th September 2013

A recent court case in South Australia sends a strong message to employers: there's no excuse for failing to take action about asbestos-related risks to your employees.

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asbestos awareness house

Asbestos awareness made tangible with "Betty"

29th August 2013

The Asbestos Diseases Research Institute have come up with a novel way to raise awareness of asbestos. They've taking a mobile house on the road.

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lead in ceiling dust

Lead in ceilings: What are the dangers, and what should you do?

23rd August 2013

If you live in an older house, chances are that over the decades, dust containing lead has accumulated in your ceiling cavity.

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