Customs asbestos sample testing

Sometimes, goods arriving in Australia are flagged by Australian Border Force as potentially containing asbestos. Common examples include building products and cars — for example, a recent shipment of Maseratis that had arrived in Australia for a classic car show.

When goods are held at the border because of potential asbestos, they can’t be released until a sample has been tested for asbestos and a clearance certificate issued.

Australian Border Force insists that all samples must be collected by a licensed asbestos assessor, and tested in a laboratory accredited by NATA for asbestos testing.

Airsafe is a NATA accredited laboratory that completes all asbestos sample tests in accordance with AS 4964 - Method for the qualitative identification of asbestos in bulk samples using stereomicroscopy and dispersion staining.

If you need a customs shipment tested for asbestos, call us on (02) 9555 9034.

NATA accredited asbestos testing, fast

Airsafe’s two full-time analysts mean we can provide results quickly, avoiding expensive holdups. You’ll have your results and clearance certificate within 24 hours. For an additional cost, you can choose our express turnaround option, and get your results within just 3 hours.

Asbestos testing sample requirements

All samples need to be “double-bagged” and well sealed in heavy-duty zip-locked bags (or similar).

Samples should be larger than 20c piece, but smaller than 10cm x 10cm / 200g.

Please note that XRD is not a method that is in accordance with the Australian standard and therefore is not a NATA accredited method.

Don’t get held up: for NATA accredited testing with a quick turnaround, call Airsafe on (02) 9555 9034.

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