Asbestos consultants

Need an asbestos consultant? With over 30 years' experience, Airsafe is Sydney's most established asbestos consultancy. We're known for:

  • Our consultants' high level of knowledge about asbestos - we're asbestos and hazardous material specialists, not risk management generalists
  • Our excellent customer service
  • Our ability to work constructively with teams to solve problems
  • Our ability to get an asbestos hygienist out to you quickly in an emergency

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Why you need a specialist asbestos consultant

You may be tempted to put your asbestos needs under the control of a large risk management consultancy. However, there are good reasons to hire a specialist in asbestos risk assessments.

First, asbestos is tricky. It was so widely used as a building material during the twentieth century that it can appear almost anywhere in a building. And the risks from asbestos depend entirely on the form of asbestos used, its state and the nature any proposed building works. Only someone with years of experience with asbestos hygiene - like one of Airsafe's asbestos consultants - truly has the knowledge to sort through the complexity and give you clear, authoritative advice.

Second, asbestos is emotive. Asbestos scares people - probably more than any other risk in the workplace. Our asbestos consultants don't just know about asbestos; they know how to talk to people about asbestos. They offer assistance in industrial disputes caused by asbestos finds, and bring a calming voice to meetings with contractors, managers and union officials.

When entire building sites have shut down because asbestos has been found, Airsafe's consultants get them working again, with everybody reassured that safe practices are being followed.

In short, asbestos is too complex, emotive, and serious to trust to a generalist consultant. Talk to an Airsafe specialist asbestos consultant: you get be confident that they know what they're talking about, and know what needs to be done.

Premises contain asbestos?

If you suspect your premises contain asbestos, or you need asbestos removed, our asbestos consultants can help you at every stage of the process:

Ongoing asbestos consultancy

Airsafe's asbestos consultants can also assist with ongoing management of asbestos. We can help you create and manage a legally compliant Asbestos Management Plan (Asbestos Register), and give you sound advice on dealing with fast-changing legislation around asbestos.

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